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DoubleD on 11/15/2020
HAH! i tried the same thing by leaving my computer on for a while and i had 883 goals and the bot have 637 goals!
sommer ray on 11/05/2020
i request to get access to a cheat mode or i will shut down your game and talk bad about you guy on my social media
A BUNNY on 11/05/2020
I tunned my computer off then the IA gliched out and I had 756 goals and he had 498
mm on 11/05/2020
Cool game
RonaldOMG on 10/28/2020
Man the computer is good
ananymous on 10/15/2020
I will love this game and you can't change my mind
blah blah on 10/14/2020
i love this game
Nathan.A 41 on 10/12/2020
Aloha! Everyone. I think to make this game better, we all need to combine some sort of tournament so that we can play together, and to create a background that fits into this game. Post. What about you guys, what do you think.
Daffa on 10/10/2020
IDK, sometimes the game can't keep up with my fast movement
Nathan.A 41 on 10/09/2020
Helo everyone. Oh I spelt hello wrong, there was supposed to be another l. SILLY ME! I am in Perth and this is one of my favourite games to play here. PEAC! OH SILLY ME! PEACE MORE LIKE!
Tetris on 10/07/2020
Let the game run in a background tab, you're just straight up winning AI: 265 - Me doing literally nothing: 403
Nathan.A 41 on 10/07/2020
Hi guys, I actually did beat insane 16-9. This is just pure, pure, pure honesty. PEACE!
Gabriel Howard on 10/01/2020
Insane is so hard how do you do it.
zulfiqar on 09/14/2020
Nice game
thefuncreeps.w. on 08/18/2020
its a good game i beat the boy by 7 to 16! simple but it can get tuff when the ball gets way faster witch makes it fun!!!
yonatan kornelius on 08/11/2020
in the in sane levl im so pro, i defet the bot, bot=3 me=12
Saladin on 08/10/2020
Insane is i guess incredibly hard
Gackpoid on 08/04/2020
john on 08/01/2020
ha easy
cameron on 06/24/2020
time machine
Gabriel Howard on 06/11/2020
what if you do insane at level 6?
Sofia on 06/09/2020
insane level is soo easy
ur mum on 06/09/2020
GG easy
eml64 on 06/06/2020
good game
how on 05/31/2020
how the heck is insane beatable with no lose?
Waffle-Iron3000 on 05/25/2020
mark on 05/20/2020
Dunno... Insane level is kinda unpredictable.
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